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Tutoriales GIMP en PDF

ATENCION: Todos estan en ingles....

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Product design for geeks

Geek is Chic! We show how a little penguin (and a little bit of Wilber) makes for fine fashionable wear.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Shattered face

She's breakin' up, captain! Our Gimp supremo shows how to make someone's face fragment and drift away in a few simple steps.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Leopard-style icons

A Leopard-based desktop starts with professionally styled icons. In this tutorial our Gimp expert makes icon design a breeze.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Sin City style

Our art guru goes all Frank Miller in this rainy, grainy Gimp graphics tutorial. One day a real rain's gonna come...

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Summer of love

Our Gimp wizard lets you ride the retro rave of sunbeams and silhouettes in this tutorial.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Travel to the stars

Revel in the majesty of creation as our Gimp guru leads you through the process of making stunning stellar art.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Going to warp speed

Want to explore strange new worlds and seek new inspirations in your art? Here's how to make the jump using Gimp.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Create a fire goddess

Our graphics guru continues his journey on the fickle wings of inspiration. He invites you to fire up Gimp and join him on his travels.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Decay in the city

Even experts can learn something new. Our graphics guru shares his experiences using a Wacom tablet with Gimp Paint Shop.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Enhance the interface

Gimp contains a little-known back door to some powerful layour and preset features. We pick the lock and root through the stack.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

iPod fun

Tune into pop culture with Gimp. Our guru creates an iPod advertisement faster than you can thumb your dial.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Use other tools

Mixing raster, vector and text is easier than you think. We explain how to integrate Gimp with Inkscape, Scribus and OpenOffice.org.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Text effects

With a blur, a colourise and some guides, our expert uses digital aging to add style and credits to the wine bottle project.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

3D effects in Gimp

Master guides and paths to create 3D-looking images with ease.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Speedy colour fixes

Smile big and show your colours as we guide you through quick colour fixes for your photos.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Printing and colour

Gimp, CUPS and Gutenprint are a fellowship that can lead you on your quest for high quality prints.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Know your selections

Everyone knows selections, right? But how well do you really know them? In this tutorial, we get tricky with some awkward images.

Linux Format free Gimp tutorials

Creative text with Gimp

You can do more with text than you might think, as our graphics guru demonstrates.



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